Message from the Bishop of Galle

BishopofGalleThis historical Sacred Shrine at the southernmost point of Sri Lanka is very dear to all the Sri Lankans.  The history of 400 years of the existence of the shrine especially the recent hundred years of history reveals its special power to survive amidst calamities, perils and the most recent one being the Tsunami that caused extensive damage to the lives and the Church. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary being Mother of Jesus she is also the Queen and Mother of all the disciples of her Son.  The People of Matara have a singular pride of the fact that Mary becomes their Mother.  This Shrine has become well renowned all over, both within and outside the country because of the favours and graces on those who pray with confidence for her intercession their times of trouble and turmoil. 

Today we are called upon to witness to that same faith in numerous ways amidst present day challenges.  Our dear little Motherland so blessed by God with natural and religious beauty is being marred by human cruelty.  Truth and Justice are sacrificed on the altar of politics perpetrating war and violence.  May Our Lady of Matara give courage and strength to her devotees to heroically bear witness to truth and justice and pave the way to usher in true peace through civilized approaches. 


May this Shrine, continue to be a haven of rest to all who come here and may Our Blessed Mother, continue to bless the people of Matara and all the faithful who visit her with love and gratitude remembering the blessings She has showered on them.

+ Raymond Wickramasinghe

    Bishop of Galle